List of gods greek

list of gods greek

The Olympian gods were the main gods of Ancient Greece. After overthrowing their ancestors, the Titans, the Olympian gods became the rulers of the World. Gods and Goddesses of Greek and Roman Mythology and the following table shows those areas and the names of the important deities in each mythology. This page is a list of the names of Greek gods in ancient mythology and their roles. It will be continually updated with additions, corrections and more information.

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God of boundaries, travel, communication, trade, language, and writing. Said to have existed before Chaos itself. He sits on a throne of bones. Olympic Games Pythian Games Nemean Games Isthmian Games. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. ANSWERS Help and FAQ Contact us Resources and references God of the Day Most popular Gods THE PANTHEONS African gods Australian Aboriginal Aztec gods Baltic gods Voudou gods Celtic gods Chinese gods Egyptian gods Etruscan gods Finnish gods Germanic gods Greek gods Inca gods Hindu and Indian Japanese gods Maya gods Mesopotamian gods Middle-eastern gods Native American Norse gods Oceanic gods Roman gods Slavic gods South American South-east Asian Tibetan gods Christian Saints. Once a male hunter tried to spy on Artemis while she was bathing. There are literally hundreds of gods refer to the A - Z Dictionary of all Greek Gods Names for a fully comprehensive list. Pan Persephone Perses Phobos Phrike Polemos Proioxis Prometheus Psyche Selene Soter Soteria Thanatos Triton Tyche Zelus Zephyrus. Views Read Edit View history. He is the son of Nyx Night and loves putting people to sleep.

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His signs and symbols include the laurel wreath , bow and arrow, and lyre. You can find Apollo cruising down Sunset Avenue looking cool, or hanging out at parties chatting with writers or rock stars. Sometimes he is seen carrying an upside-down torch. Olympic athletes would sacrifice to her, as would soldiers before a big battle. Gigantes [ edit ]. Her Roman counterpart is Minerva. Biker leathers, Harley Davidson, sunglasses and a stinking attitude.


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