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Got this post from DeMasked in Grim Dawn forum when there was a topic . PoE you are restricted with Character Slots and Inventory Space. I was just wondering if anyone knows when the 12th character slot will be available? I hope it is in the Pre-Patch, so i dont have to delete a. What item we can put on the left slot near the belt? It will be a slot for an "Arcane Formula" like on TQIT? I cant put anything there On the left  [How To] Use Main Campaign Characters in Custom.


What is Grim Dawn? - Class Overview & Customization Options

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Topic Filters Spoilers , Bug? Let's just keep this direct and simple: But nooope, I guess some devs have all the brains for developing, but not for business tactics. Thanks for the info. May face difficulties, but never a wall. Find all posts by ASYLUM Find all posts by DeathSpank. This website uses cookies. Talisman probably won't be in alpha or beta imo. The fourth tab provides a summary of your standing with the various factions of Grim Dawn. As you adventure out in the world of Cairn, you will eventually earn additional bag space from quest rewards. Please read our rules. Whenever you acquire a new item, it goes into your inventory, located along the bottom of the Character Window.

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